Atlas advances to the final of the Liga MX after winning on aggregate 5-4.

Tigres vs Atlas- Atlas Advances after Winning

Match was full of emotions as Tigres was down in the first half, however in the second half Gignac led comeback to catch the rival.

Tigres vs Atlas- Full of Emotion Match

Controversial penalty kick in favor of Atlas gave them the advantage on aggregate to advance to their second consecutive final.

Tigres vs Atlas- Penalty Kick in Favor of Atlas

Gignac shoots but Vargas keeps his shot out of the net. Penalty for Tigres after a foul on Gignac.

Tigres vs Atlas- 50 Minute Score

Tigres! Gignac converts the penalty into a goal and closes the gap. Carioca tries a shot from outside the box but it misses target.

Tigres vs Atlas- 50 Minute Penalty into Goal

Penalty for Tigres after a foul on López. Tigres! Gignac scores his hat-trick and puts Tigres one goal away from the final. 

Tigres vs Atlas- Gignac Scores Hat Trick

Quiñones shoots and the ball passes close to the Atlas goal. Tigres! A header by Lichnovsky is giving Tigres ticket to Final.

Tigres vs Atlas- Header Ticket to Final for Tigres

The match ends in victory for Tigres but Atlas advances on aggregate. Tigres managed to score four goals against Atlas.

Tigres vs Atlas- Victory for Tigres

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