Blough & Tim Boyle- Huge Mistake

It isn't often you can definitively say that Detroit Lion's general manager Brad Holmes made a huge mistake.

The lions have had 11 backup quarterbacks in their last three seasons. They have lost each and every one.

Blough & Tim Boyle - Quarterbacks

Holmes had the opportunity to solve the Lions' backup problem in free agency, but he failed to do so.

Blough & Tim Boyle- In Free Agency

Instead, the Lions chose to bring back Tim Boyle as well as David Blough through free agency.

Blough & Tim Boyle- Free Agency

The battle has been back-and-forth throughout the summer, with each man taking turns as the clubhouse leader.

Blough & Tim Boyle- Clubhouse

It would be reasonable to assume that it is because the players are so good at competing.

Blough & Tim Boyle- Reasonable

Dan Campbell stated earlier in the week that he is still searching for a backup quarterback to step in.

Blough & Tim Boyle- For a Backup

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Blough & Tim Boyle- This Season

Image Source- Pride of the Detroit

One, they can stick with the backup quarterback and hope Jared Goff does not get hurt this season.

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