Tim Tebow- College Football Champ

Tim Tebow is the two-time college football champion and first-round NFL draft selection.

Clean Juice contributed to the Tim Tebow Foundation via the Quarters4Kids campaign as well.

Tim Tebow- Clean Juice Bar

Tim Tebow- Former Quarterback

Landon Eckles, the former quarterback of Florida and Clean Juice CEO, said that they first met in an interview.

Eckles stated that he was familiar with Tebow's foundational work, and that their partnership.

Tim Tebow- Foundation Work

I was able to meet Landon's wife Kat and Landon to talk about foundation work. I also got to hear more.

Tim Tebow- To Hear More About

I was chosen to be the ambassador for the last few weeks and my first store opened here in a couple of weeks.

Tim Tebow- The Ambassador

This is something I am very excited about. It's a wonderful thing that I love because I can stop.

Tim Tebow- Very Excited About

Clean Juice, the first and only USDA-certified organic juice and food bar franchise was launched in 2016.

Tim Tebow- Organic Juice

Image Source- NBC News

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