TJ Watt- Piittsburg Steelers

Don't T.J. Watt know the Steelers are trying to stage a contest between quarterbacks?

This headline is nothing to be concerned with Watt creating an "hold-in" precedent during training camp.

TJ Watt- Training Camp

TJ Watt- His Dominance

If there's a problem with Watt is his dominance in two unpadded practices that is nearly excessive.

On Wednesday, he was all over the place playing in the backfield during his first day at the camp.

TJ Watt- At the Camp

On Thursday, he was on the edge and hit the ball off of a Mitch Trubisky pass that flew up in the air.

TJ Watt- Hits the Ball

He's very good, and, of course, he's good, but he's smart," said rookie right-guard James Daniels.

TJ Watt- Rookie Guard

Of course, there's a lot of talent but he's also a master of many things about the football.

TJ Watt- Many Thing

Definitely, there's no doubt about that," Okorafor stated. "If it's practice or games, he's going to do.

TJ Watt- Practice Games

Image Source- ESPN

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