Tom Brady- Half a Session

Buccaneers' Tom Brady is less than half a season from an incredible achievement of 100,000 career passing.

Brady enters the 2022 campaign with 97.569 career passing yards. He also has 84.520 regular seasons.

Tom Brady- Regular Seasons

Tom Brady- Incredible

He is now only 2,431 yards from 100,000, an incredible total that no other quarterback has ever achieved in NFL.

Brady averaged 313 yards passing per game last year. He'll surpass 100,000 yards this season.

Tom Brady- Passing Per Game

This 100,000 figure has never been reached before and could never be again the Brady's unmatched combination.

Tom Brady- Never Reached

We will not only be ranking the top 30 players between the ages of 26 and 30.

Tom Brady- The Top 30

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Tom Brady birthday tracking tool shows that the Buccaneers QB will turn 45 years old very soon.

Tom Brady- Soon Turning 45

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You might be wondering why I bring up Brady's age. It is because we will be focusing heavily.

Tom Brady- Focus Heavily

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