Tom Brady- Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Coach Todd Bowles announced Thursday that Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady would be absent.

Bowles stated that Brady's absence had been discussed in advance, and that he will be back after next week.

Tom Brady- Discussed in Advance

Tom Brady- Training Camp Began

Bowles stated that this was something Bowles and he had discussed before training camp began.

Bowles stated that he allotted the time to build chemistry with the players and to go through training camp.

Tom Brady- To Build Chemistry

Bowles stated that he believes Brady will be the starting quarterback at Week 1 of the Dallas Cowboys.

Tom Brady- Starting Quarterback

Bowles previously stated that Brady would not be playing in Saturday's preseason opener against Dolphins.

Tom Brady- Preseason Opener

Brady was excused from missing Aug. 3, his previously scheduled off day, as well as his 45th birthday.

Tom Brady- Scheduled Off

Tom Brady- Personal Issues

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Bowles answered the question "Per our conversation," that he wasn't worried about Brady's personal issues.

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