Tom Brady- The Personal Problems

If someone completely and totally accepts their public life it is clear that there are no personal problems.

This is becoming increasingly evident in the case of Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady.

Tom Brady Preseason - Quarterback

Tom Brady Preseason - Commercial Interest

Brady who has accepted and developed a platform which has led to the aggressive pursuit of several commercial interests.

Seen his football career sunk into mystery due to an unprecedented absence from training camps.

Tom Brady Preseason- Training Camps

 Brady was absent for a whole week due to personal reasons. There's no ending to the story.

Tom Brady Preseason- Problem Reason

In addition to a report from Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times that the matter has nothing to have to do with his health Brady.

Tom Brady Preseason - Health

In the absence of any information, it invites lots of speculation. That's the cost of not only soaring into fame.

Tom Brady Preseason- Into Fame

Tom Brady Preseason- Stay Absent

Image Source- Techno Sport

In the case of Brady the player, there's always a curiosity about the reason he's gone and how long he'll stay absent.

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