Tom Brady- Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tom Brady's absence of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' training camp is a story that is usually the focus.

Although it's been able to make headlines however, it's mostly been ignored due an NFL settlement.

Tom Brady- Make Headlines

Tom Brady- With the Settlements

The $5 million fine that was imposed on Watson in connection with a settlement between Watson and the NFL.

The Browns star will be absent from a number of big-budget games which include one with Brady's Buccaneers.

Tom Brady- Big Budget Games

My guess is they didn't want Deshaun on the field with Tom Brady, who is the biggest brand in the NFL.

Tom Brady- On the Field

Bayless continues to explain exactly how the team did all it could to ensure there wasn't a Watson and Brady match-up.

Tom Brady- To Ensure Them

The allegations made against Watson have definitely damaged his image and therefore do not want.

Tom Brady- Allegations Made

Tom Brady- Away from Training

Image Source- Time

Tom Brady is not one of those who shy away from training even though he is only a few weeks away.

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