Tom Brady- New Jersey Man

The New Jersey man who pretends to be the New England Patriots player to purchase the three Super Bowl rings.

Scott V. Spina Jr. 25 will also be required to make a payment of $63,000 in restitution to the former Patriots.

Tom Brady- Former Patriots

The memorabilia huckster then traded the band in for $63,000 with an eminent agent of the championship NFL rings.

Tom Brady- Traded Back

How the former New England player could purchase copies of Super Bowl rings for family and friends.

Tom Brady- Super Bowl Rings

The swindler contacted the ring business, posing as a former football player and purchased three friends.

Tom Brady- Ring Businesses

The defendant Spina was planning to acquire the three rings using fraud and then sell them for a significant gain.

Tom Brady- Planning to Acquire

The Roseland resident then sold the jewelry at auction for $100,000. The ring went into auction at $337,219.

Tom Brady- At Auction

Image Source- The Guardian

Tom Brady- Fraud Counts

Image Source- Wall Street Journal

Spina admitted guilt for one count of mail-fraud as well as 3 counts of fraud on wires, and one count.

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