Soon to be the age of 45 Tom Brady knows that he's only got the time to play for another few years on the NFL.

Tom Brady- Another Few Years

Tom Brady- In an Interview

In a lengthy interview in May with Ramin Setoodeh from Variety, Brady said that he didn't have a specific time frame.

"I really don't (know when I'll be done playing)," Brady stated in the interview that was released on the following day.

Tom Brady- Was releeased

Brady notoriously " retired" in February. It was for 40 days, before the hard-hitting rival came back.

Tom Brady- Hard Hitting Rivals

"I made the decision in the moment, and I felt it was the right thing for the team to let the Bucs know," Brady stated.

Tom Brady- Decision in the Moment

And it's not that I'm any less committed once I say that it's a yes, but I've got a 14-year-old son who lives in New York City.

Tom Brady- Less Committed

My Son wants time. My wife, she's been incredibly supportive of my career for a long period of time. 

Tom Brady- Incredibly Supportive

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So I had to talk with her, you know what I mean? Those decisions get made with me as a family.

Tom Brady- With the Family

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The former basketball Hall of Famer and sports media star confirmed Thursday that he's scheduled to attend LIV Golf.

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