Valenzuela organized an informal pitching session. He asked the rest of the players whether they had any experience in pitching.

Tony Gonsolin- Informal Pitching

Tony Gonsolin- One of Sophomores

One of the sophomores, Tony Gonsolin, raised his hand. He was a good pitcher in high school.

The pitching coach had allowed seven runs over 6.1 innings on the mound during his freshman year at St. Mary.

Tony Gonsolin- Pitching Coach

Tony Gonsolin was a pitcher. He wasn't the greatest player on a team which also included the future Cy Young Award winner.

Tony Gonsolin- Greatest Player

A good performance for a child who was half expecting to join an Oakland team who had spent a few hours.

Tony Gonsolin- Good Performance

After eight years, he'd become an All-Star and be the top player in baseball with wins should you be interested.

Tony Gonsolin- Became All-Star

Prior to his season in 2018, Gonsolin boasted an overall record of 10-5 with an 2.85 ERA, more than 2 1/2 strikeouts.

Tony Gonsolin- Overall Record

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Fourth-place rookie of the Year title over three seasons pitching for the perpetual playoff-bound Los Angeles Dodgers.

Tony Gonsolin- Rookie of the Year

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Draymond was unhappy with JK's debut Summer League game originally was broadcast on the Bay Area on NBC Sports.

Here is Why Draymond Green Disappointed