White Sox owner Jerry Reinsdorf always said to his fans that his biggest regret was the time he fired Tony La Russa.

Tony La Russa- White Sox Owner

It was understandable considering La Russa went on to win 3 World Series, getting to six and establishing an Hall of Fame managing.

Tony La Russa- Went on to Win

Chicago's South Side, Reinsdorf's second most regret might be the decision not to fire La Russa for the second time.

Tony La Russa- Chicago South SIde

It is believed that the White Sox owner remains the most renowned team owner in the world of sports and the speculation.

Tony La Russa- Rennowned Team Owner

The normal course of events dictates a breaking point however the story is one of two lifetime friendships.

Tony La Russa- Normal Course of Events

A warning to Sox fans: Sources tell us La Russa's contract at approximately $3.75 million per year.

Image Source- New York Post

Tony La Russa- Warning to Sox Fan

A lot of the South Side faithful have started to sing "Fire Tony," which is a catchy shorthand call.

Image Source- CBS Sport

Tony La Russa- South Side Faithful

Although he's a good friend to players who are 77, his in-game decisions are becoming more strange.

Tony La Russa- In Game Decision

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