Tony Pollard- Running Back

There are concerns about Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott's longevity have increased over the summer.

Certain NFL experts have suggested that it's the right time for Tony Pollard to take over as the primary running back.

Tony Pollard- NFL Experts

Elliott's diminishing speed and production will force the Cowboys to turn to Pollard by the end of October.

Tony Pollard- Productions

The efficient Pollard enters his fourth campaign with a chance to push Elliott for a larger share of touches.

Tony Pollard- Fourth Campaign

Pollard's value climbed during the season when the player set new career records in the carries (130).

Tony Pollard- Value Climbed

Elliott's decline in speed appeared to be set to continue into 2021 because the Cowboys frequently played.

Tony Pollard- Decline in Speed

Image Source- Bleacher Reports

Tony Pollard- An Exceptions

Image Source- CBS Sports

Running backs get older as they reach 30. Elliott 27 isn't an exception and is currently recovering from a torn PCL.

This could be the year that Pollard is quicker and more youthful than Elliott is able to carry more.

Tony Pollard- Is Quicker

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