Toyota Motor North America will soon launch an education-first campaign to promote its new electric car, Toyota bZ4X.

New Toyota BZ4X EV- North America

This compact, sport-utility vehicle will start at $42,000. It was designed with Subaru's input. 

New Toyota BZ4X EV- Price of Car

Mixed reviews the Toyota bZ4X could prove to be the most consequential electric car launched this year.

New Toyota BZ4X EV- Prominent Electric Car

Toyota is the first product from the automaker to offer a viable alternative to Tesla. 

New Toyota BZ4X EV- Competitor to Tesla

The marketing campaign launched June 27 with the theme "Easy BZ", which plays off the vehicle's alpha numeric name.

New Toyota BZ4X EV- Theme of Camoaign

Toyota Motors goal of this marketing ctampaign is to convince consumers that owning an electrical vehicle is not difficult. 

New Toyota BZ4X EV- Motive of Marketing

Toyota dealers are supported by feedback about how to best talk to consumers about EVs through an app.

New Toyota BZ4X EV- Consumer Engage

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Our campaign will really promote the idea that Toyota makes it 'Easy to own an EV especially for Toyota BZ4X Electric Car.

New Toyota BZ4X EV- Easy to Own

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