Trae Young- Popular Slogan

"Another Day, Another Opportunity" is more than just a popular slogan that is tweeted by Trae Young.

Young was a legend last season, leading the NBA in points total and assists. The 23-year-old was the only player.

Trae Young- Legend Last Season

Trae Young- Settling for Moments

Instead of settling for a moment in the sun, Young has dedicated his this summer to enhancing his game.

Two of them are from a scrimmage with stars that included Brooklyn Nets point guard Kyrie Irving as well.

Trae Young- Brooklyn Nets

Young and a few NBA players which included Golden State Warriors, point guard Stephen Curry.

Trae Young- Golden State Warriors

Many have asked about how two point guards can play together on the defensive side of the ball.

Trae Young- Two Point Guard

It seems that Young is determined to force himself to take on the role of a player in the coming season.

Trae Young- Coming Season

Trae Young- Personal Shooting

Image Source- ESPN

Young has been working out at times in conjunction with Curry's personal shooting coach.

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