Trae Young- Cleveland Cavaliers

The Cleveland Cavaliers just shook up the Eastern Conference after they pulled the trigger on the blockbuster deal to trade with Donovan Mitchell.

On the other hand, Atlanta Hawks star Trae Young is all in favor of it and even greeted the Cavs' new recruit to the league.

Trae Young- The League

Of all the possible ways Young could be welcoming Donovan Mitchell to the East He just needed to choose a video.

Trae Young- Choose A Video

We all know that the Knicks were the most likely team to acquire Mitchell during the offseason.

Trae Young- Offseason

However, the Cavs managed to pull off the trick of the summer by securing Donovan at the last second.

Trae Young- Last Second

It's not a mystery it's no secret that Young has been named Public Enemy No. #1 in New York.

Trae Young- New York

Trae Young- Eastern Confrence

Image Source- SI.COM

However, in all seriousness the Cavs have become a serious threat to the Eastern Conference -- and beyond.

The inclusion of Mitchell in the mix with Darius Garland, Evan Mobley as well as Jarrett Allen.

Trae Young- Jarret Allen

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