After James's success is gone, it appears Atlanta Hawks star Trae Young is his next NBA player to make an appearance.

Trae Young- Success is Gone

Trae Young- For the 1st Time

This past Saturday LeBron returned to pro-am for the first time since over 11 years in addition.

We're not going to blame Trae Young for being so naive However, but LeBron James did put on quite the show.

Trae Young- Quite the Show

There was even a time that LeBron James nearly killed the hoops by slamming it with a powerful force.

Trae Young- Killed the Hoops

For Young and many other NBA fanatics, Irving didn't make an appearance despite his initial hopes.

Trae Young- NBA Fanatics

I hope that the fans will be able to watch Young the next time the Drew League returns for more.

Trae Young- Able to Watch

Perhaps Young could be able to play Kyrie once the retired player take another shot in the game.

Trae Young- Take Another

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When the team made it to the finals of the conference the expectations were high for the team.

Trae Young- The Expectations

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Kyrie Irving had also expected to be a part of the annual Pro-Am show, it's not clear whether he'll be playing...

Irving Playing Rumors for Drew League