Kansas City Chiefs TE Travis Kelce was awarded the top tightener in the league in the annual Touchdown.

Travis Kelce- Kansas City Chiefs

Travis Kelce- Recently Scribed

Contact Wire's Mark Schofield recently scribed a piece that listed the top 12 tight ends in the league.

Through film study and an analysis of the statistics and data, he arrived at conclusive results that Kelce was the top.

Travis Kelce- Statistics

The story begins with the six-year streak of excellence that is unmatched by anything in the NFL.

Travis Kelce- SIx Year Streak

However, it also considers the fact that he's not shown any evidence that he is slowing his pace.

Travis Kelce- Any Evidence

Travis Kelce's string of six years of success in the position of tight end is amazing. In each of the last seasons.

Travis Kelce- In the Success

He's been able to catch more than 80 passes with more than 1,000 yards and has scored at a minimum.

Travis Kelce- Catch More

Image Source- Sports Illustrated

Kelce also caught touchdown with 92 passes, gaining 9 touchdowns and 1,125 yards.

Travis Kelce- Caught Touchdowns

Image Source- Si.com

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