Trea Turner- Trademark

If you're reading this, chances are that you've seen Trea Turner's trademark effortless slide.

In one swift motion the All-Star shortstop lands on the ground and effortlessly bounces back up.

Trea Turner- Swift Motion

Trea Turner- On the Basepath

Most of the time, Turner breaks out the move while on the basepaths. The night of Thursday's 9-6 comeback.

Turner put on the gas as he rolled the ball at a speed of thirty feet per second as reported by Statcast.

Trea Turner- Rolled the Ball

It wasn't an easy move for the team, as Turner was stationed deep and near second base.

Trea Turner- Second Base

In the course of a shift to cover 93 yards on the popup, which had the hanging timing that was 4.8 seconds.

Trea Turner- On the Popup

"It was amazing," said manager Dave Roberts. "I haven't ever seen anyone get so many style points.

Trea Turner- Style Points

Image Source-USAToday

He was doing a slide at home, but with a baseball glove and playing. This is why I give him lots.

Trea Turner- Baseball Gloves

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