Trea Turner- The Shortstop

Trea Turner The Shortstop from the Los Angeles Dodgers is on track to become a very wealthy man.

The 29-year-old star is one of the major players in the year's Nationals 2019 World Series victory.

 Trea Turner- Major Players

 Trea Turner- Season Performance

His performance in the season so far has been outstanding, however, If we expand the search to the 162 games.

He played in the last two seasons (to include 2021-2022) We will come across the most impressive numbers.

 Trea Turner- Last Two Seasons

He's the fifth person of MLB history to record an entire 162-game streak with these six categories in the beginning.

 Trea Turner- In the MLB History

Turner is a rare kind of player who can accomplish almost everything in the field he is able to hit.

 Trea Turner- Kind of Player

He's all you need for a winning team and he's not even 30 yet, so he will be well into his best.

 Trea Turner- Winning Team

 Trea Turner- More than $200 Millions

Image Source- Complex

The issue is that he'll be very very expensive, possibly bringing in more than $200 million.

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