Facebook Horizon Worlds- What is It???

Horizon Workrooms is a first step toward a VR “metaverse”: With Oculus, Zuckerberg’s plan is to jump straight from the Smartphone.

Facebook Horizon Worlds- Sell Virtual Items

Meta is testing new tools that will allow creators to sell virtual items and effects within Meta's social virtual reality app.

Facebook Horizon Worlds- Available in US & Canada

The new feature is rolling out to a select number of creators in the US and Canada where Horizon Worlds is currently available.

Facebook Horizon Worlds- Bonus Programme

Meta is testing a creator bonus programme in the US, where creators are paid for building worlds that attract the most time spent.

Facebook Horizon Worlds- Paid End of the Month

Creators will be paid out at the end of the month for using new features and tools the company launches.

Facebook Horizon Worlds- What are Selling Items

These can be fashion items or paid access to a new part of a world. Users aged above 18 in the US and Canada can purchase these goods.

Facebook Horizon Worlds- Can Use Commerce TAB

Creators can use the Commerce tab and gizmo within the app's Create mode for making items they want to sell.

Facebook Horizon Worlds- Instagram Badges

The company earlier added Instagram Badges for users aged 18 and above in select regions that allow creators to earn money.

Facebook Horizon Worlds- Via VR Headset

Who are creating virtual classes, games and fashion accessories within the company’s platform is accessible via VR headsets.

Facebook Horizon Worlds- One Payment Tools

Using one tool, those select users will be able to sell their accessories or offer paid access to specialised digital spaces.

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