Trent Williams- Sometimes Playing

Sometimes playing against Trent Williams a nine-time Pro Bowl selection who is also a first-team All-Pro.

Williams has been widely considered since being selected 4th overall at the time of the 2010 NFL draft.

Trent Williams- Widely Considered

Trent Williams- Team is Preparing

The team is preparing to assist the 49ers to move forward into 2022. Williams has been ranked No 2nd.

Williams was a star for the ages of 2021. He had a 97.8 overall PFF rating on a scale that can go all the way to 100.

Trent Williams- Overall PFF Rating

The run-blocking tape of Williams was a never-ending demonstration of dominance and showcased the most combination.

Trent Williams- Never Ending Combination

It is unlikely to witness that kind of run-blocking supremacy in an entire season. As a pass-blocker, a player was responsible.

Trent Williams- Blocking Supremacy

Donald has received seven consecutive All-Pro as well as Pro Bowl selections and is one of only three players.

Trent Williams- Pro Bowl

Image Source- Niner Noise

Trent Williams- Green Bay Packers

Image Source- Bring Me the News

For Williams to be No. 2 in the rankings ahead by Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

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