Trent Williams- 10 Years

Trent Williams certainly recognizes talent when he sees it, after being in the NFL for over 10 years.

Williams addressed reporters following the practice session on Tuesday with the performance of the team's youngsters.

Trent Williams-Team Youngster

Williams session on Tuesday was Jason Poe, who has been spotted in recent times as a potential candidate for place.

Trent Williams- Session

I can't speak for him to say whether he felt like he belonged," Williams stated on Tuesday. "He always looked like he belonged.

Trent Williams- Stated

He could be 6-3, who knows," Williams stated. "He could be 5-11, we don't know. But that naturally gives him leverage. But he's explosive.

Trent Williams- Explosive

Usually those guys don't have a lot of room to recover when they do have a chance to recover.

Trent Williams- Chance To Recover

Trent Williams- Franchise

Image Source- CBS Sport, Yardbarker

These are guys they drafted with a purpose, and a purpose to help this franchise.

I feel really good," Williams stated. "Obviously Jake is new, or if it's Dan, Dan played a lot of football for us. 

Trent Williams- Stated

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