Trent Williams- Kind of Things

Many have used Kyle Shanahan’s offense with Robert Griffin III to help them envision the kind of things.

Williams was invited and Lund's practice for Williams. He was asked if there were any similarities.

Trent Williams- Any Similarities

Trent Williams- A Quarterback

We hadn't done a quarterback sweep or quarterback power with RG. It was about getting him.

As a pocket quarterback, Trey is far more advanced than RG. He isn't as fast as RG, but he is a runner.

Trent Williams- More Advanced

Robert was never able to do that. Trey can do the same thing, but it takes a different skill set.

Trent Williams- Same Thing

He understands that we have outstanding receivers. They are almost irrelevant if the quarterback.

Trent Williams- Almost Irrelevant

That's what I believe he does, and that's what's going to give us a chance. Because of his abilities.

Trent Williams- His Abilities

Trent Williams- High Profile Figure

Image Source- ESPN

Trent Williams is a high-profile figure. Kyle Shanahan stated last week that he does not plan to alter.

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