Trevon Diggs- Training Camp

Trevon Diggs was burned during Cowboys Training camp widely reported on Twitter on Friday.

There aren't many players from the NFL have sparked such a debate with analysts & fans such as the Cowboys.

 Trevon Diggs- Many Players

 Trevon Diggs- Inteceptions

Although he was the league's leader in interceptions in the previous season however, his overall play.

When videos taken from Cowboys training camp began to circulate through Twitter on the weekend.

 Trevon Diggs- Videos Taken

To be fair there was some legitimate criticism. A 1-on-1 loss with CeeDee Lamb was one of the things.

 Trevon Diggs- Legitimate Criticism

The resentment was just too much for anyone to handle. Therefore, Diggs deleted his Twitter account completely.

 Trevon Diggs- To Handle

It's not difficult to ridicule the Dallas corner as being soft and being so badly roasted in his field.

 Trevon Diggs- Dallas Corner

The optimistic outlook is that, hoping that the negative feedback will motivate him to be more effective.

 Trevon Diggs- Negative Feedback

Image Source- NY Times

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