The price of cryptocurrency has fallen in recent weeks, there's been an increase in scrutiny.

Trevor Lawrence- Price of Crypto

Jaguars football player Trevor Lawrence lost $15 million after he took his whole $24 million bonus.

Trevor Lawrence- Jaguar Football

Lawrence stated this on Twitter today in a tweet, explaining that when he stated about crypto.

Trevor Lawrence- Twitter Today

He received a cryptocurrency-based signing bonus the reference was to the bonus.

Trevor Lawrence- Signing Bonus

Trevor wasn't speaking of his signing bonus of $24 million as the first overall selection in the last NFL draft.

Trevor Lawrence- First Overall Bonus

 First of all, NFL players can't actually receive their money in cryptocurrency. They are paid by U.S. dollars.

Image Source- Awful Announcing

Trevor Lawrence- Receive Money

The tax on income is taken from players' salaries which means that Lawrence did not have $24 million.

Image Source- The Guardian

Trevor Lawrence- Income Tax

But, as previously mentioned, Lawrence did not put the entirety of his signing bonus into Bitcoin.

Trevor Lawrence- Did Not Put Entire

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