Trey Lance- Levi's Stadium

Trey Lance caught a football and flipped it to him across the room at Levi's Stadium. 

He tried to recall how he held it more than a year ago to throw it. His index finger was just above the ball's nose.

Trey Lance- The Ball Nose

Trey Lance- Cross Laces

His middle finger was off the laces, and his ring finger was sitting between the first and the second cross-laces.

This is not the way anyone would tell a quarterback. Lance was forced to make the choice.

Trey Lance- Make The Choice

Even more remarkable? It was even more remarkable that he didn't have anything to say back then--really, to anyone.

Trey Lance- More Remarkable

As his rookie year progressed, and it seemed like his right arm was wearing out, and it may have appeared to some that.

Trey Lance- Some That

 Lance realized what was wrong. Lance had a fractured finger and damaged ligaments. He didn't want to be excused.

Trey Lance- Damaged Ligaments

Trey Lance- Unable To Bend

Image Source- ESPN

I broke the bone in my pointer finger so I had to wait. He flexed the ball over his super-swollen finger, saying that it was unable to bend.

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