Trey Sermon- San Francisco

It appears that the Trey Sermon experience in San Francisco is over after only one season.

 On Wednesday it was announced that the 49ers removed the second-year running back an action that came just a day after.

Trey Sermon- Came Just Day After

In the words of ESPN Sermon's departure was made in order to make the space needed for the former Browns guard Blake Hance.

Trey Sermon- Blake Hence

Sermon was drafted into the NFL with lots of attention after being a third-round selection from San Francisco in the 2021 NFL Draft

Trey Sermon- NFL Draft

 He started his rookie year with a lagging position behind Raheem Mostert and Elijah Mitchell on the depth chart

Trey Sermon- Depth Chart

He  ran for the 167-yard mark and scored a touchdown while catching three out of his players at 26 yards.

Trey Sermon- 167 Yard Mark

Trey Sermon- Preseason

Image Source- SI.COM

In the preseason, Sermon was a mere 39 yards in three games, but did receive praise from General Manager John Lynch.

With Sermon going, there is more opportunities to Jeff Wilson, Tyrion Davis-Price along with Jordan Mason.

Trey Sermon- Jordan Mason

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