If there's a rival against which the Twins have to cleanse certain demons, it's New York Yankees.

Matt Gage- Roster Change

The Twins seemed to be in the process of doing that after they made big noises against their long-time rivals to kick off.

Matt Gage- Hopefully Benefitting

Yankees star Gerrit Cole in the final game, The Twins began the night by launching back-to-back-toback shots.

Matt Gage- 26 Man Roster Team

It's the first occasion in Yankees history that one of the starters allowed homers to the very first three batters in the game. 

Matt Gage- Recovering From

It's also this is the first instance in Cole's professional career when he's conceded three homers in an innings.

Matt Gage- Fan Concern

The Twins ended up losing, 10-7 after their opponents the Yankees scored seven runs unanswered in the fifth inning. 

Matt Gage- Since April 7

The Twins have changed the positions of Buxton and Arraez on top of their lineups to strike Arraez the leadoff spot.

Matt Gage- Giants 10th Round

Image Source- News7h.com

Arraez started the game by hitting a 2-2 changeup estimated 396 yards into right field to score his 2nd homer this year.

Matt Gage- Quite Excellent

Image Source- MLB.com

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