Tyler Herro- Utah Jazz

The Utah Jazz traded Donovan Mitchell to the Cleveland Cavaliers more than an entire week earlier.

Tyler Herro seemingly in response to Miami Heat fans criticizing him for his poor postseason performance

Tyler Herro- Miami Heat

Agree with Herro in an extension prior to the mid-October deadline would render him ineligible for trade.

Tyler Herro- Eligible Extension

An Herro extension could make him tradeable for a year. Heat out of trade talks with blockbusters.

Tyler Herro- Trade Offer

Miami had a similar issue in the case of Bam Adebayo after his spectacular season in 2019-20.

Tyler Herro- Case Study for Trade

Some people wanted the Heat to put off signing the Adebayo extension to ensure their cap is flexible in 2021.

Tyler Herro- Adebayo Extension

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Tyler Herro- Trade Option

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What happens if the Heat delay that extension in order to keep Herro as an option for trade?

The Heat could remain open to large trades even if they choose not to give Herro an extension.

Tyler Herro- Open for Offer

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