Tyler Herro- Other NBA Stars

We have the asking price for Donovan Mitchell and Kevin Durant. It seems like Tyler Herro will be parting.

If we do strike out, what is the possible asking price for John Collins, Myles Turner, and Kyrie Irving?

Tyler Herro- Possible Asking Price

Tyler Herro- Desirable Asset

Tyler, being the most desirable asset among those most likely to move, would likely be in play.

Are Tyler more valuable as an asset in trade than as a roster asset or? Is he more valuable here than elsewhere.

Tyler Herro- Roster or Trade

The Heat would also have to do a long-term salary assessment for such an acquisition of the player.

Tyler Herro- Long Term Salary

After all the talk by Tyler and Heat President Pat Riley, it will boil down to he is getting the job at camp.

Tyler Herro- Player & Team Talk

Vic has already shown his ability to be a defensive pest during the playoffs and he also has great scoring potential.

Tyler Herro- Defensive Skills

As stated, Tyler can remain a part of this mix, here and elsewhere so its pretty much sure about him.

Tyler Herro- Can Remain a Part

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