Tyreek Hill- Frequent Speaker

Tyreek Hill has been a frequent speaker since being transferred between his former team.

The Kansas City Chiefs to the Miami Dolphins, offering a quote on every matter that was put before him.

Tyreek Hill- Kansas City Chiefs

Tyreek Hill- Welcoming his new

In the midst of welcoming his new team, Hill ensured that he stood up for his former team.

Hill does not believe in the questions that surround what's going on with the Chiefs offense.

Tyreek Hill- In the Question

He's going to be an amazing player. "TK" ( Travis Kelce) is going to be an amazing player.

Tyreek Hill- Amazing Player

I am just feeling like all I have to do is be me. Just be me and help the team win games.

Tyreek Hill- Help the Team

All I can do is just control what I can control. That's my energy, that's my effort and that's my intensity.

Tyreek Hill- Can Do That

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Hill was definitely productive during his time playing for the Chiefs particularly when he played.

Tyreek Hill- Definately Productive

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