Patrick Mahomes and Tyreek Hill are being graded on their performance after their split earlier in the year. 

Image Source- SI.COM

 Similar to many other splits during the offseason and Hill's departure Hill was a difficult one and a huge loss for Chiefs fans.

Image Source- SI.COM

But the former NFL cornerback Richard Sherman gave both resoundingly high marks in Richard Sherman's podcast.

Tyreek Hill leads the league in receiving yards with 477. Pat Mahomes is passing and giving it to all that is available.

They're more difficult to stop with out Tyreek because there's no one else to concentrate on. 

Additionally, Pat Mahomes does not seem to have a care about the person will receive the ball or to whom he is scoring.

There was no uncertainty that Tyreek Hill could be successful in gaining a deal for his team, the Miami Dolphins.

However, the main concern for many was the possibility that Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs would collapse.

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