UAE President- Sheikh Khalifa

The United Arab Emirates' President Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al-Nahyan died aged 73 on Friday, state media said.

The president of the oil-rich Gulf state, who was rarely seen in public, is likely to be replaced by his half-brother.

UAE President- Sheikh Khalifa

UAE President- Ministry of Presidential Affairs

The Ministry of Presidential Affairs has mourned to the UAE people, Arab and Islamic nations.

The ministry announced 40 days of mourning, with flags at half-mast from Friday and work suspended in the public.

UAE President- 40 Days of Mourning

UAE President- Country's 2nd President

Sheikh Khalifa took over as the UAE's second president in November 2004, succeeding his father as the 16th ruler of Abu Dhabi.

He has rarely been seen in public since 2014, when he had surgery following a stroke, although he has continued to issue rulings.

UAE President- Rarely Seen in Public

UAE President- Country Foundation

The UAE, a former British protectorate that was founded in 1971, has gone from desert outpost to booming state in its short history.

The Arab world's second-biggest economy behind Saudi Arabia has also begun to wield growing political influence.

UAE President- 2nd Biggest Arab Economy

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