Randolph Ross Jr. won the 400-meter NCAA outdoor national championship on Friday evening during three days of NCAA Outdoor.

Randolph Ross Jr.- Won 400m NCAA

Field Championships at the Oregon University's Hayward Field. Ross Jr. ran a season-high 44.13.

Randolph Ross Jr.- Field Championship

It was Ross Jr.'s third outdoor national championship, and fiveth NCAA Track and Field championship.

Randolph Ross Jr.- National Chamiponship

Following the success of the indoor 4x400-meter relay title in 2021 as well as the indoor title for 400 meters in 2022.

Randolph Ross Jr.- Relay Title in 2021

1st time that an NCAA student athlete has done this feat since the years 2010 and 2011. Ross Jr. also has an outdoor 4x400.

Randolph Ross Jr.- Student Athlete

He completed the national title double in 400m with the winning of an indoor championship in march.

Image Source- WTOP

Randolph Ross Jr.- Double in 400m

His ability to beat and be the fastest in the NCAA this year, even though he was in a race, making it difficult to determine.

Image Source- Yahoo Sports

Randolph Ross Jr.- Difficult to Determine

"I'm so proud of Junior and what he has continued to do," said Duane Ross Ross Jr.'s father and director of programs in track.

Image Source- CWEB

Randolph Ross Jr.- Director of Programs

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