United Airlines- Company CEO

Scott Kirby, United Airlines CEO, sees three issues that he believes are roadblocks to growth. 

United Airlines CEO Explains A Trio Of Roadblocks To Growth Kirby outlined three headwinds.

United Airlines- Roadblocks

United Airlines- Restrictions

Industry-wide restrictions that have caused significant operational disruptions and imposed constraints.

There is a growing likelihood of an economic recession or slowdown Kirby mentioned.

United Airlines-Recession Fear

We have decided to make United Airlines smaller and more staff in an effort to address the problems.

United Airlines- The Problems

This will give us more protection against external constraints that we can't control.

United Airlines- More Protections

We will continue to prioritize reliability by continuing to overstaff until the entire aviation infrastructure is back to normal.

United Airlines- Reliability

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Pilot shortages, especially with regional airlines that provide United mainline service Longhaul Asian flying reduced.

United Airlines- Regional Airlines

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