The Commerce Department reported Friday that consumer spending held steady during the inflation surge.

US Retail Sales- Inflation Surge

US Retail Sales- Slightly More

Retail sales rose slightly more than anticipated for June amid rising prices in most categories.

Advance retail sales rose 1% in May, which was better than the Dow Jones estimate that there would be a 0.9% increase.

US Retail Sales- Dow Jones Estimates

This was a significant increase from the 0.1% decrease in May. The initial report had predicted a 0.3% decline.

US Retail Sales- Significant Increase

The retail numbers are not adjusted for inflation (which rose 1.3% in the month), which is a departure.

US Retail Sales- Adjusted Inflation

The increase was driven by rising fuel and food costs, but the data is still broad-based compared to the other metrics.

US Retail Sales- Rising Prices

Andrew Hunter, senior U.S. economist, wrote that the 1.0% month-over-month increase in retail sales.

US Retail Sales- US Economist

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Real consumption appears to have been broadly flat in June, even if we account for the price rise.

US Retail Sales- Broadly Flat


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