Vladimir Guerrero Jr- Blue Jays

Toronto Blue Jays slugger Vladimir Guerrero Jr. made a decision to switch his approach today.

He didn't return to the dugout, as batters usually would normally. Instead, the batter walked.

Vladimir Guerrero Jr- To the Dugout

Vladimir Guerrero Jr- To the Baseline

All the way to the baseline then walked to the team's bullpen, and then took part in the relief.

In a sense, Guerrero was simply continuing his momentum forward after sprinting to first base.

Vladimir Guerrero Jr- His Momentum

The participants on the field as well as those on the Blue Jays broadcast team were confused.

Vladimir Guerrero Jr- Field Participants

Vladdy is heading down to the bullpen," said Pat Tabler, Blue Jays color commentator.

Vladimir Guerrero Jr- To the Bullpen

Guerrero continued to play through the rest of the eighth inning's top of the innings to the bullpen.

Vladimir Guerrero Jr- Continue

He didn't return to the dugout with his team until the time came to pick up his glove to start.

Vladimir Guerrero Jr- To the Dugout

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