The Toronto Blue Jays are currently in an unforgiving stretch, and their plight was magnified during Sunday's loss.

Toronto Blue Jays- Unforgiving Stretch

Toronto Blue Jays- Lead in the Innings

With a lead of 4-1 in the fifth, Blue Jays relief pitcher David Phelps caused a comeback which could have stopped.

Phelps hit his first pitch to the home plate for his first out, and the catcher Gabriel Moreno fired to first base.

Toronto Blue Jays- The First Pitch

What would be an inning-ending double play that kept the Mariners off the scoreboard within the frame.

Toronto Blue Jays- Double Play

As the ball reached the first base, it sailed into the Guerrero Jr.'s leather, leading to an out for Seattle.

Toronto Blue Jays- The First Place

The Mariners were able to add another run during the inning and eventually prevailed 6-5 to complete.

Toronto Blue Jays- Eventually Prevailed

Oddly enough, this isn't the first time that Guerrero Jr.'s glove has been damaged receiving an infield.

Toronto Blue Jays- Gloves Damaged

Image Source-NYTIMES

This All-Star also cracked his glove when he received a throw by Santiago Espinal in a victory.

Toronto Blue Jays- Received a Throw


NBA is all set to introduce a new changes to the "Take Foul" rule which association feels to be misused sometimes.

NBA New Foul Rule on the Way