Vladimir Guerrero- MLB All Star

Vladimir Guerrero Jr. is on the road to Hollywood to attend his participation in the MLB All-Star Game.

The award was well-deserved and the second straight appearance in his promising Major League career.

Vladimir Guerrero- Well Deserved

Vladimir Guerrero- Home Runs

So far in 2022 Guerrero Jr. is hitting .271 with 20 home runs and 57 runs batted in.

In the end, his presence to Los Angeles for the MLB All-Star Game was definitely well-earned.

Vladimir Guerrero- Los Angeles

This is why you're likely to be awed by this brand new limited edition Vladimir Guerrero Jr. All-Star Game bobblehead.

Vladimir Guerrero- Limited Edition

Only 322 are in production and are expected to begin shipment in the beginning of January.

Vladimir Guerrero- Begin Shipment

Portrays's player sporting his All-Star uniform for gameday in a pose of action.

Vladimir Guerrero- For Gameday

Image Source-Bleacher Report

Stadium jumbotron backdrop, with an eye-catching 2022 MLB All-Star Game logo display.

Vladimir Guerrero- Game Logo

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Giannis Antetokounmpo will wear the Greece shirt over his face and represent the country.

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