Vodafone Investor- UAE Based Telecom

United Arab Emirates-based telecoms company e& (ETISALAT.AD) has bought a 9.8% stake in Vodafone for $4.4 billion.

Emirates Telecommunications Group, said it had made the investment to gain "significant exposure to a world leader in connectivity.

Vodafone Investor- Expanding Reach

Vodafone Investor- Company Struggling

Vodafone has been struggling in its more mature markets, where competition and regulation have pushed prices lower.

Net debt at the group has reached 44.3 billion euros ($46.1 billion) and Chief Executive Nick Read is under pressure.

Vodafone Investor- Net Debt of the Company

Vodafone Investor- Long Term Relationship

Vodafone said it looked forward to building a long-term relationship with e& for improving service quality.

Continue to make good progress with our long-term plans & will provide an update in our FY22 results announcement on 17 May. 

Vodafone Investor- FY22 Results

Vodafone Investor- What E& Said

E& said it is fully supportive of the company's current business strategy and its board and existing management team.

While the investment is sizable, it is less than 6% of the market capitalisation of e&, which also has a healthy balance sheet.

Vodafone Investor- Investment is Sizable

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