Volkswagen- CEO Resigned

Volkswagen's CEO has resigned his position in a surprising change of heart, which will take effect on September 1st.

The company has announced that the CEO Herbert Diess will be replaced by Oliver Blume.

Volkswagen- Will be Replaced By

Volkswagen- Second Largest

Volkswagen is the second-largest automaker, did not offer a reason behind Diess's dismissal.

However, the company's CEO was able to put this incident into the company's rearview.

Volkswagen- Incident

He also focused on electronic vehicles in a way that was different from other automakers.

Volkswagen- Automakes

VW has announced that it will invest EUR89 billion in 5 years the development of EVs.

Volkswagen- Investments

Image Source- New York Posr

The number of battery EVs that VW sold almost doubled by 2021 to almost 453,000 across the globe.

Volkswagen- Batteries

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It also pushed it up to the No. third place behind Tesla as well as General Motors in pure EVs sold.

Volkswagen- General Motors

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