Von Miller- Crowded Bathroom

Ah, college dorm life! You will live in cramped quarters with twin beds and a crowded bathroom.

After signing a $120 million six-year contract, Von Miller was reintroduced into the college life.

Von Miller- College Life

Von Miller- Toilet Paper

 He said that the most notable changes when he was in a dorm room were the lack of television, beds, and toilet paper.

Miller stated that he was 33 years old, and the toilet paper is different than the bed. The dorm room has no TV.

Von Miller- 33 Year Old

The experience is a bit different. Every day, you have to make your bed,

Von Miller- Bit Different

Fast forward nearly two weeks and Miller is thinking about toilet paper for a different reason.

Von Miller- Different Reason

Because he has received so many of it. Bills fans sent wipes and toilet paper to Miller after Miller's news conference. 

Von Miller- News Conference

Miller stated that he just said, "Hey, the toilet papers's different," and then boom,

Von Miller- Statement

Image Source- SI.com

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