Von Miller- Bills Linebacker

There was no reason not to conclude the Buffalo Bills linebacker Von Miller wanted to impress upon his return.

Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford in the opening quarter, but the fans noticed an unusual haircut.

Von Miller- Ram Quarterback

The 33-year-old Miller who has played in the past an 11-year span with teams like the Denver Broncos.

Von Miller- Time Span

Then again, Thursday wasn't the first time Miller's hair caught the notice of the media.

Von Miller- Hair Cut

It wasn't long to Von Miller to demonstrate to that the Bills why they chose to sign him on as a free agent.

Von Miller- To Demonstrate

After the Bills were up by 7-0 at the start of the game and the Rams took the ball to their own territory.

Von Miller- Own Territory

Image Source- Yahoo Sports

Von Miller- Former Player

Image Source- USA Today

Miller took it down by rushing through Joe Noteboom, left tackle, and taking out his former player.

The haircut is similar to the look Miller had on when he played for the Rams in the past season.

Von Miller- For the Rams

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