Miller & Gordon- Touching Moments

The former Denver teammates Melvin Gordon and Von Miller shared a touching moment on Saturday.

It was just before a preseason match with teams like the Denver Broncos and the Buffalo Bills Miller's newly formed team.

Miller & Gordon- Preseason Match

Miller & Gordon- Beat Their Rivals

Ahead of an event in which the Bills were able to beat their rivals the Broncos 28,6 in the opening second half.

Gordon met his old teammate at his new residence, Bills Stadium. Two former players hugged one another.

Miller & Gordon- Former Players

Miller talked about his dorm life Miller hasn't lived for more than a decade, since when he was in his Texas.

Miller & Gordon- His Texas

You have to make your bed, then change it every day and do everything else every single day.

Miller & Gordon- Everything

Everybody's just trying to make my stay here a whole lot easier, man. I just want to say publicly.

Miller & Gordon- Lot Easier

Miller & Gordon- Not Thrilled

Image Source- The SportsRush

Gordon was not thrilled to hear that Miller was traded, tweeting "Bro @wtf. "Ahead of an event.

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