Von Miller signed with the Buffalo Bills to bring the football-loving city only thing they want.

Von Miller- Signed Buffalo Bills

Miller signed a contract for six years for the Bills to fulfill his promise. The $120 million contract will keep the top passer.

Von Miller- Six Year Contract

They don't always consider the length of their contracts. Miller will try to outdo his odds as a person who is in his mid-30s.

Von Miller- Lenght of Contract

"This is a six-year deal, so I'm looking forward to playing the whole thing," Miller told reporters in The Buffalo News.

Von Miller- Forward to Play

"I'm trying to figure it all to the fullest extent possible. Tom Brady's done itbefore, Bruce Smith has done it.

Von Miller- Extent Possible

The guys I admire for their longevity in their careers. Therefore, I'm taking each day at a time.

Von Miller- Their Careers

My goal is to try around with the whole thing. I'm a real jerk when you meet me. My mentality is different.

Von Miller- Mentally its Different

Smith signed a six-year $28.2 million contract in 1997 with the Bills in 1997, however, he didn't get to view.

Von Miller- Contract is very Old

Image Source- Sports Illustrated

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