Walker Buehler- Impact Arm

For the second year in two years that the Dodgers have lost an impact arm in Tommy John surgery. 

In the previous season was Dustin May going down in the spring. This year, Walker Buehler was a victim of the knife.

Walker Buehler- Victim Of The Knife

The Dodgers Opening Day starter announced the news on his own Instagram.

Walker Buehler- Own Instagram

Buehler will be out for the remainder of 2022's season, throughout 2023. He might even miss a few games in 2024's spring.

Walker Buehler- 2024 Spring

Dodgers long-time veteran David Price had some straightforward tips for Buehler as he starts the long journey back to the major leagues.

Walker Buehler- Major League

Buehler should take note of the 14-year veteran in addition to AL 2012 Cy Young winner's advice. 

Walker Buehler- Young Winner Advice

Walker isn't required to travel the distance to find teammates who are aware of the challenges involved in recuperating.

Walker Buehler- Find Teammates

Image Source- LA Times

Walker Buehler- Rehabilitation Process

Image Source- Forbes

He didn't shy away from speaking his mind when it came time to discuss his rehabilitation process.

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