Wall Street- A Key Overview

Sell-off on the world's largest Share Market, the Wall Street keeps getting worse s the share sell offs are high from the 3rd day.

Stocks slumped for a third consecutive day as anxiety continues to build about inflation fear amongst the citizens.

Wall Street- Stocks Slumped for the 3rd Day

Wall Street- Federal Reserve

It's up on the world largest bank whether the Federal Reserve can bring prices down without sparking a recession.

The declines come before the Labor Department to report consumer prices data of April, Expected to show price gains slowing 

Wall Street- Labour Department

Wall Street- Inflation Fear

Inflation fears are coming at a time of deep uncertainty in markets, as investors assess the economic fallout.

Wall Street is also concerned about the COVID-related lockdowns in China, raising new fears about global supply chains.

Wall Street- Lockdown in China

Wall Street- Seismic Activities in Stocks

Seismic activity in the stock market continues to intensify as all sizes and styles sink deeper into the red," said Sam Stoval.

On Monday, the Dow Jones Industrial Average slumped more than 600 points, or nearly 2%.

Wall Street- Daw Jones Industrial Average

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