Wander Franco- Tampa Bay Rays

The Tampa Bay Rays had 17 players on their injured list at one time last month. After breaking the hamate.

Bone in one of his hands on July 9, shortstop Wander Franco was among those who were left walking wounded.

Wander Franco- Walking Wounded

Wander Franco- The Perspective

Let's now discuss Franco's return from the perspective of a real-world, fantasy, and betting standpoint.

The Rays are now 13-11 since July 9 and in the exact same place they were before Franco's injury.

Wander Franco- Exact Same Place

They are incredibly proud of this feat considering the extent to which their roster has been ravaged.

Wander Franco- Incredibly Proud

The Rays could afford to fall behind either of these teams, the Guardians have plenty of pitching depth.

Wander Franco- These Teams

The value of betting on the Rays is not compelling, even with Wander returning before September.

Wander Franco- Before September

Image Source- CBS Sports

Franco has not done enough to show that he would make a significant difference in their lineup.

Wander Franco- Significant Difference

Image Source- CGTN

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