Wander Franco- Tampa Bay Rays

Tampa Bay Rays shortstop Wander Franco suffered an injury and was taken of his rehabilitation assignment.

Franco was put on the injured list on July 10 due to an injury to the right hamate bone which required surgery.

Wander Franco- Injured List

A 21-year-old Franco will be going back in St. Petersburg, Florida to receive further treatment.

Wander Franco- Going Back

Franco on August. 14 participated in bats on the field for the first time in years since the surgery.

Wander Franco- First Time

After the practice, the switch-hitter stated that he felt great, except for hitting right-handed.

Wander Franco- Switch Hitter

He is a .260 average, which includes 23 RBIs and five homers over the course of 58 games in the 2022 season.

Wander Franco- RBIs & Homers

It also includes a club option until 2033. The contract could be worth up to $223 million.

Wander Franco- A Club Option

Image Source- NY Times

Wander Franco- Homers Course

Image Source- USA Today

He scored .288 by registering 18 doubles five triples, seven RBIs, and homers in the course of 70 games.

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